toynevale campus, pickering

front gate pickering


415 Toynevale Rd. Pickering L1W 2G9 (905) 509-5005

Blaisdale Montessori School Pickering Campus often referred to at The Toynevale Campus is located on 415 Toynevale Rd. It is where the main office of the School is located. It is just East of the Rouge Valley in Pickering. It is very close to the border of East Toronto and Pickering. It is an ideal setting for a School. It is situated in an established safe residential area. The entire school area is fenced and the front is gated. The grounds are surrounded by mature trees with a large parking lot and safe clean rubberized playgrounds.

Blaisdale Montessori Pickering (Toynevale) Campus educates and cares for children from the ages of 16 months up to 14 years (grade 8). Pickering has 11 classes. The floor area is 16,800 sq. ft. and the land is 2.25 acres. School play area has 43,000 sq. ft. that is divided into 4 district areas based on age (Toddlers, pre-school and 2 for the Elementary children). This campus has been renovated with a large modern gym and a new rescource Library for the Lower Elementary Classes. It is fully air-conditioned, has full spectrum lighting and filtered water in the drinking fountains. Summer Camp, March Break and Care over Christmas are offered at the Pickering campus as well.


The Main Entrance is located at the side of the school directly in front of the office.

toynevale play area

The rubberized Elementary playing field in the front the and Casa (Pre-School) playground in the rear. The front play area (as illustrated in the first photo) is also used for outdoor gym classes and extra cirricular activities.

toynevale gym

Karate class in the school gym.


our garden

Our Garden located in front of the Toddler Playground.