Blaisdale Montessori has director approval for mixed age groupings for our Toddler progarm. The school can accept 20% of the children who are younger than 18 months in one class per campus. Children under 18 months must be walking. This allows for 3 children if the class is full at 15. This is offered at our Rougemount, Village, Westney, Milner, Whitby and Oshawa Campuses for children younger than 18 months (and who are walking). The teachers work very closely with parents to ensure the children are happy and compfortable in their new surroundings.

The Toddler Rooms are well resourced with a variety of toys, puzzles, creative activities and physical play equipment, which encourage learning through play, following the "Birth to Three Matters" framework and early Montessori principles. Equipment is hygienically maintained and the materials are designed so even the youngest child experiences success in their activity. The activities also help stablilize gross motor skills and develop independence.

Group activities such as art, music, dancing, stories and games help the children to develop an awareness of others and learn early social skills as well as having a lot of fun.

The outside play area is used as often as possible and provides the the pre-toddlers with a safe and secure environment for play and learning.

We offer a program consisting of 5 full days in the Montessori Pre-Toddler program.