blaisdale Updates and reminders

Elementary Dress Code:


Grey Pants/White Top

Boys must wear medium grey dress pants.  No jeans, track pants or rugby pants.  A white collared Oxford shirt or golf shirt (no T-shirts) or a Turtleneck tucked in with a vest or cardigan. 

A plain navy blue tie (presently not available at McCarthy’s) for trips and photos.

 Shoes and Socks

We recommend dark Oxford-style shoes with plain white, navy or grey socks (no stripes or



Tunic or Pants/White Top

Girls may wear either a navy tunic or navy dress pants (criteria for the pants are the same as the boys).  A white collared blouse or golf shirt or a Turtleneck.       

Renaissance girls must wear either a navy kilt or navy dress pants, and may wear a white Oxford shirt with a navy cardigan (no fleece except on gym days).  Upper Elementary girls may also wear a navy kilt.

Shoes, Socks and Stockings

We recommend dark Oxford-style shoes (no platforms or high heels) with plain white, navy or grey socks (no stripes or patterns).  Tights or knee-high socks worn with the tunic or kilt must be plain white or navy.

Sweaters and gym clothes for boys and girls:

Both boys and girls may wear a navy cardigan, navy pullover, or a navy vest. 

For gym the children must wear navy gym shorts/jogging pants, a navy T-shirt and/or navy sweatshirt and non-scuffing gym shoes (everyday indoor shoes and gym shoes may be the same).

Cooler Attire

During the warmer weather, boys may wear navy walking shorts and a plain white, short-sleeved shirt or golf shirt.  Girls may wear navy walking shorts or skort and a white short-sleeved blouse or golf shirt tucked in.


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